Haniel - Ḥannīʾēl, Hananel, Anael, Hanael or Aniel
Symbol of Haniel


Also known as: Ḥannīʾēl, Hananel, Anael, Hanael or Aniel

Areas of influence:

  • Love, Friendship and Loyalty
  • Strength and Courage

Average Satisfaction:

Signing a contract with Haniel could unlock:

  • For Divine Strength (Info: Liturgy of St. Mark )
  • The Biblical Doctrine of Angels (Book: Roland Kleger )
  • Hebrew-English Tanakh
  • Witchcraft continued (Book: Willem De Blécourt and Owen Davies )

About Haniel

Archangel Haniel, often referred to as the "Grace of God" or "Glory of God," is a celestial being with a unique and multifaceted role in various spiritual traditions.

Haniel is typically depicted as a serene and graceful angelic figure, exuding an aura of feminine energy and celestial beauty. She is often portrayed wearing flowing robes of silvery or moonlit blue hues, which symbolize her connection to the moon.

Lunar Guardian: Haniel is associated with the moon and is often considered the "Angel of the Moon." The moon is a symbol of intuition, emotions, and the feminine divine, making Haniel a patron of these aspects.
Angel of Grace and Beauty: She is known for bestowing grace and beauty upon individuals, both in their physical appearance and in their character. Haniel inspires inner and outer radiance.
Mistress of Healing: Haniel possesses healing energies, offering solace and restoration to those who seek emotional and spiritual healing. Her presence can bring comfort during times of emotional turbulence.

Intuitive Insight: Haniel is believed to enhance intuition and psychic abilities. She assists individuals in accessing their inner wisdom and connecting with their higher selves.
Emotional Balance: Haniel helps restore emotional balance and harmony, offering support to those dealing with emotional challenges, grief, or trauma.
Nurturing Energy: She provides a nurturing and compassionate presence, guiding individuals to cultivate self-love and self-acceptance.
Connection to Divine Feminine: Haniel encourages a deeper connection with the divine feminine, fostering qualities such as compassion, intuition, and empathy.
Moon Magic: Haniel is associated with moon magic, making her a guardian of rituals and practices related to lunar cycles, divination, and spiritual growth.
Inspiration and Creativity: She inspires artistic and creative expression, helping individuals tap into their creative talents and abilities.

Archangel Haniel's presence is often sought by those seeking inner beauty, emotional healing, and a deeper connection to their intuition and spirituality. She guides individuals along the path of self-discovery and inner illumination, reminding them of the grace and beauty within themselves and the world around them.

What to expect from Haniel

Archangel Haniel is often associated with grace, intuition, and the moon. While beliefs and interpretations of archangels can vary among different spiritual and religious traditions, here are some general qualities and aspects you might expect from Archangel Haniel:

Divine Guidance: Haniel is known for offering divine guidance and wisdom, especially related to matters of the heart and emotions. Expect support and insight in matters of love, compassion, and relationships. Intuition and Psychic Abilities: Haniel can help you strengthen your intuitive and psychic abilities. You may experience heightened intuition, clairvoyance, or a deeper connection to your inner self. Emotional Healing: This archangel can assist in emotional healing, helping you release negative emotions and find peace and harmony within yourself. Expect support in working through emotional challenges and traumas. Feminine Energy: Haniel is often associated with the divine feminine energy. Expect to connect with your inner femininity and embrace qualities such as intuition, nurturing, and empathy. Lunar Influence: Haniel is also linked to the moon's energy. You may notice a stronger connection to lunar phases, which can help you align your actions and intentions with the natural rhythms of life. Enhanced Creativity: This archangel can inspire and enhance your creative abilities. Expect a boost in artistic pursuits, creative thinking, and the ability to express yourself more freely. Balanced Emotions: Haniel can help you achieve emotional balance and stability. Expect assistance in managing mood swings and finding serenity, even during challenging times. Synchronicities: You might notice more synchronicities or meaningful coincidences in your life, which can be interpreted as signs of Haniel's presence and guidance. Healing of Relationships: Haniel can help heal and improve relationships, whether they are romantic, familial, or platonic. Expect assistance in resolving conflicts and fostering understanding and love. Enhanced Beauty and Grace: Some believe that connecting with Haniel can enhance your sense of inner and outer beauty and grace. You may find yourself feeling more attractive and poised. Spiritual Growth: Haniel can support your spiritual growth and development. Expect to deepen your spiritual practices and gain a greater understanding of your life's purpose. Protection: Archangels are often seen as protectors. While Haniel's protection may not be as fierce as some other archangels, you can still expect a sense of safety and security in your endeavors.