Selaphiel - Saint Sealtiel, Selatiel, Selathiel
Symbol of Selaphiel


Also known as: Saint Sealtiel, Selatiel, Selathiel

Areas of influence:

  • Strength and Courage
  • Focus and Creativity
  • Health, Healing and Protection

Average Satisfaction:

Signing a contract with Selaphiel could unlock:

  • A Pure Heart (Info: The Clementine Liturgy )
  • The Grimoire of Armadel
  • The 1559 Book of Common Prayer
  • Jordanville Prayerbook

About Selaphiel

Angels have long been a source of fascination and inspiration for countless individuals across various cultures and religions. Among the celestial beings, one angel who stands out for their unique attributes and role is Selaphiel, often referred to as the Angel of Serenity. While not as widely recognized as some other angels, Selaphiel's significance lies in their ability to bring tranquility and peace to those who seek it.

Selaphiel is not mentioned in the canonical texts of major religions like Christianity, Islam, or Judaism. Instead, Selaphiel is a figure more commonly found in apocryphal and non-canonical sources, particularly in the Eastern Orthodox tradition. In some sources, Selaphiel is described as an archangel, while in others, they are referred to as one of the seven archangels, alongside well-known figures like Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael.

The name "Selaphiel" is often interpreted to mean "Prayer of God" or "Intercessor of God." This interpretation aligns with Selaphiel's role as a heavenly mediator and guide for those who seek solace in prayer and meditation. As the Angel of Serenity, Selaphiel's primary mission is to help individuals find inner peace and tranquility amidst the chaos and challenges of the world.

Selaphiel is often depicted with serene and gentle qualities, symbolizing their role in bringing peace and harmony. The angel is often portrayed holding a censer or incense burner, which represents the fragrant offerings of prayers rising to heaven. This imagery underscores Selaphiel's connection to the act of prayer and the calming influence it can have on one's soul.

The concept of Selaphiel is not limited to any one religious tradition, and many people from various backgrounds find comfort in the idea of an angelic presence dedicated to promoting serenity. In times of distress or uncertainty, individuals often turn to Selaphiel in their prayers, seeking guidance and inner calm. It is said that invoking Selaphiel's name can help soothe troubled minds and hearts.

While Selaphiel may not enjoy the same level of recognition as other archangels, their role as the Angel of Serenity serves as a reminder of the importance of finding inner peace and tranquility in our fast-paced and often chaotic world. Whether through prayer, meditation, or simply by contemplating the concept of Selaphiel, individuals can strive to connect with the soothing presence of this angel to find serenity within themselves.

In conclusion, Selaphiel, the Angel of Serenity, may not be as widely known as some other celestial beings, but their significance lies in their ability to bring peace and tranquility to those in need. Whether through prayer, meditation, or simply by reflecting on Selaphiel's role, individuals can find solace in the idea of an angelic presence dedicated to promoting inner calm. In a world filled with turmoil and uncertainty, Selaphiel serves as a reminder of the importance of finding serenity within ourselves.

What to expect from Selaphiel

Selaphiel is one of the archangels in various religious traditions, including Christianity and Judaism. While there isn't an extensive amount of information available about Selaphiel compared to some other archangels like Michael or Gabriel, here are some general aspects and qualities associated with Selaphiel that one might expect:

Prayer and Meditation Guidance: Selaphiel is often considered the angel of prayer, intercession, and meditation. Expect guidance and assistance in deepening your spiritual connection through prayer and meditation practices. Patience: Selaphiel is believed to embody patience and encourages individuals to be patient in their spiritual journey. You may find support in facing challenges with a calm and composed demeanor. Serenity: Selaphiel is associated with peace and tranquility. Expect a sense of inner peace and serenity in your life when seeking the angel's presence or guidance. Communication with the Divine: Selaphiel is sometimes considered an angelic messenger, helping individuals establish a stronger connection with the divine or God. Expect assistance in improving your spiritual communication and understanding. Protection: Like many archangels, Selaphiel is believed to offer protection to those who seek it. Expect guidance and support in times of danger or distress. Understanding of Divine Mysteries: Selaphiel is often associated with the understanding of divine mysteries and deeper spiritual truths. Expect assistance in gaining insights into profound spiritual concepts. Encouragement in Worship: If you seek a deeper connection with your faith and religious practices, Selaphiel can provide encouragement and inspiration for your worship. Guidance in Interpersonal Relationships: Some traditions believe that Selaphiel offers guidance in improving relationships, especially by promoting forgiveness and understanding. Expect help in resolving conflicts and fostering harmonious connections. Support in Times of Loneliness: If you're feeling isolated or lonely, calling upon Selaphiel may bring comfort and a sense of companionship, as this angel is sometimes seen as a comforting presence. Assistance in Achieving Spiritual Goals: If you have specific spiritual goals or aspirations, Selaphiel may provide guidance and support in achieving them.