Aamon - Amon,Nahum
Symbol of Aamon


Also known as: Amon,Nahum

Areas of influence:

  • Pleasure and Desire
  • Reproduction

Average Satisfaction:

Signing a contract with Aamon could unlock:

  • Tree of life (Kabbalah) (Image: Kabbalah)
  • How to Discern all Secrets and Invisible Things (Info: The Secrets of Albertus Magnus)
  • The Complete Simon Necronomicon
  • If, under the influence ofVenus, you write the fig... (Image: Picatrix)
  • Archangels, Angels, Metals, Days of the Week (Image: The Key of Solomon The King)

About Aamon

Aamon is a powerful demon in demonology, known for his wisdom and cunning. His origins are shrouded in myth and legend, but some accounts suggest that he was among the fallen angels who rebelled against Heaven, eventually becoming a demon.

Aamon's name is often associated with his role as a demon of knowledge and wisdom. He is said to possess vast intelligence and the ability to reveal hidden truths. In some tales, he is depicted as a dark scholar, hoarding ancient tomes of forbidden knowledge.

Aamon's influence is also felt in the realm of demonology. He is believed to have contributed to the creation of grimoires and texts that detail the summoning and control of demons. Some occultists have sought his guidance in their esoteric pursuits.

Descriptions of Aamon's appearance vary, but he is often portrayed as a wolf-headed man riding a serpent or dragon. His formidable visage is said to strike fear into those who encounter him.

In some demonology traditions, Aamon is listed as one of the demons who serve in the infernal hierarchy. He is sometimes considered a Grand Marquis of Hell and is said to command forty legions of demons.

Aamon is a master of temptation, luring those who seek knowledge and power into dangerous bargains. He is said to offer his knowledge in exchange for the souls or servitude of mortals, making him a figure of cautionary tales.

While Aamon possesses great knowledge, he is also known for his trickster nature. He may provide insights that are cryptic or lead to unintended consequences, emphasizing the dual nature of his character.

Aamon's legacy endures in the annals of demonology and occultism. He represents the allure of forbidden knowledge and the dangers of making deals with the infernal. Those who seek to understand the mysteries of the dark arts may invoke his name, but they do so at their own peril.

Aamon's life story is one of ambiguity and intrigue. He embodies the duality of knowledge and temptation, serving as a cautionary figure in the realms of the occult and the supernatural. Whether seen as a malevolent force or a source of hidden wisdom, Aamon remains a mysterious and enigmatic figure in the world of demons and dark lore.

What to expect from Aamon

Aamon is a demon that appears in various demonological texts and occult traditions. It's important to note that beliefs about demons and their attributes can vary widely depending on the source and cultural context. Here's a list of what one might expect from the demon Aamon based on traditional demonology:

Appearance: Aamon is often described as a powerful demon with the ability to change his appearance. He may manifest as a wolf with a serpent's tail or in a more humanoid form. Rank: Aamon is typically considered one of the Marquises of Hell. In demonology, Marquises are demons who hold a relatively high rank and have authority over other demons. Knowledge and Wisdom: Aamon is said to possess great knowledge and wisdom. He can reveal hidden secrets, provide insight into the future, and grant knowledge of the past. Control Over the Elements: Aamon is often associated with the element of fire and may have the ability to manipulate or control fire in various ways. Summoning and Pact-Making: Some sources suggest that Aamon can be summoned through rituals and invocations. Practitioners may seek his assistance or knowledge in exchange for making pacts or offerings. Influence Over Beasts: Aamon is believed to have power over animals, particularly wolves. He can command or control them and may be associated with shape-shifting or transformation into a wolf-like creature. Protection: In some accounts, Aamon is said to be protective of his summoners and can guard them against other malevolent entities or threats. Deception and Manipulation: As with many demons, Aamon is considered a trickster and may try to deceive or manipulate those who summon him. Practitioners should exercise caution and skepticism. Invocation Rituals: If one wishes to work with Aamon or seek his knowledge, there are specific rituals and invocations that are traditionally associated with summoning him. These rituals often involve symbols, incantations, and offerings. Potential Dangers: Working with demons is traditionally seen as risky, as they are believed to have their own agendas and may not always act in the best interest of the summoner. Practitioners should be aware of potential consequences and take precautions.