How it Works

The only sane way of spending your soul is few grams at a time. (Lucifer)

Choose an entity on The Book Of Contract based on what you want to achieve and sign a contract, spending only a few grams of your soul.

For each contract you sign, you will receive daily life advices based on the entity you selected.

Daily suggestione on the contracts you signed
Daily suggestions from the contract you signed.

Every day, you will have the opportunity to :
  • Unlock new spiritual knowledge based on the contracts you signed, accumulating hundreds of useful pieces of information in your Library.
  • Use Divination Tools to find answers to your questions.

Do I have to pay anything?

No. It's all free. Your soul will be the exchange currency.

How unlocking knowledge works

Knowledge in the Library
The Library allows you to accumulate ancient and new spiritual knowledge.

Grams of Soul spent on unlimited contracts are forever lost, but they double the chance of unlocking new knowledge.

In case of limited-time contracts, the Grams of Soul will be refounded when the contract expires.

The more knowledge you unlock, the more chances you have to unlock higher level knowledge.

Does it works? Will my wishes come true?

No one knows if what you desire will become a reality. Each experience is different and personal, but selling a few grams of your soul works the same way as the last time you invoked a spiritual entity for help, protection, health, or success.

A series of historical figures signed contracts with various supernatural entities in exchange for their souls, achieving very different results.

If your request is granted, indicate the level of satisfaction achieved on your contract.

Your request was granted by the entity

By participating in The Endless Struggle between Light and Darkness, the Grams of Soul used to make contracts can gain or lose value, increasing or decreasing the chances of unlocking new knowledge.